Mr. Raymond C. Calhoon

Robotics Engineer

Hello, and welcome to this author blog! My name is Raymond C. Calhoon is a talented Robotic Engineer specializing in programming robots for different applications. He has expertise in specific areas like artificial intelligence and machine learning. 



Raymond C. Calhoon has years of experience working as a robotic engineer in different companies.

Industrial Automation

Raymond C. Calhoon can develop robotic systems operating in complex, dynamic environments.

Raymond C. Calhoon has a bachelor’s degree in robotics and also pursued a master’s degree in computer science.

Raymond C. Calhoon knows engineering science and technology computer operating systems. He has excellent verbal communication skills and can solve complex problems. He researches and develops new applications for existing robots as a robotics engineer.

Raymond C. Calhoon has worked on projects that involve designing and building robotic arms and vehicles and creating software for autonomous robots. He has also developed navigation and obstacle avoidance algorithms, designed control systems for robotic manipulators, and made a computer vision system for object recognition. 


Latest Blogs Of Mr. Mr. Raymond C. Calhoon

Case Studies


AI For Remote Patient Monitoring

How Medical Annotation Improved Efficiency Of X-Rays, CT Scans, and MRI Scans

“We have done the first phase of review of “AnnotationBox,” to analyze the quality of the instrument annotation project, and we are delighted with the perfect accuracy level.”


AnnotationBox and the Large Clothing Retailer

AnnotationBox and the Large Clothing Retailer

“We have completed the first review phase of AnnotatonBox, and analyzed the practical relevancy of how implementing Ai methods improved the overall customer service of retail brand, and we are happy with results.”


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