Martha L. Ritter


Martha L. Ritter

Robotics Expert

Hello and welcome to this author blog! I am Martha L. Litter, a seasoned robotics expert keen to develop cutting-edge robotic technologies that can transform our lives. This author page briefs you on my experience, expertise, and projects.



I have been working in robotics for over 17 years. Throughout, I have had the opportunity to work with various robotics companies and research organizations.

Industrial Automation

My experience spans industrial automation, healthcare robotics, autonomous vehicles, and more.

I hold a Ph.D. in robotics from UCB, where I researched the application of machine learning in robotics. I have a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from UCLA.

My expertise lies in developing robotics software and hardware systems. I specialize in designing and implementing robot control algorithms (PID Control, Model Predictive Control, Probabilistic roadmap), computer vision algorithms (Polyline Annotation, Landmarking), and machine learning models (Random Forest, Neural Networks, Clustering, Dimensionality Reduction). I am also adept at developing robotic systems from scratch, including hardware prototyping, electronics design, and system integration.

Developing Robotics Software


Developing Hardware Systems


Robot Control Algorithms


Computer Vision Algorithms


To date, I have worked on several exciting robotics projects. One of my recent projects involved developing an autonomous drone that could fly over a hazardous environment to collect data. Another project involved developing a robot-assisted surgery system that improves the precision and accuracy of surgical procedures.


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Thanks for reading my author page. I am excited to share my knowledge and expertise with you. My experience and insights will help those interested in pursuing a robotics career or learning more about this exciting field. Do reach out if you have any questions or suggestions for topics that you’d like me to cover.