Why Do Healthcare Companies Need Help With AI-powered Robotic Surgery Systems?

“In the healthcare industry, we cannot afford to make mistakes. The AI data from the Annotation box enables us to make decisions much more swiftly, which can often save lives.”

Mr. Dennis P. Johnson, President and CEO St. George Healthcare Centre 

How the Annotation Box helped a healthcare company improve the accuracy of their AI-powered robotic surgery system for prostate cancer patients accuracy:


Medical experts cannot spend excessive time sorting out unstructured data to uncover pertinent patient information because of their heavy workloads and rising expectations.


A separate summary of prior operations, diagnostic tests and history divided into many categories, provided by Annotation Box, let medical specialists get the in-depth patient context they require.


With the use of Annotation Box’s AI-driven technology, doctors can now quickly access the data they require to provide patients more thorough diagnosis.

Bottom Line Impact


42% – Reduction in information-gathering time


42% – Reduction in information-gathering time


62% – Improvement in Deeper Patient Understanding

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