How do I annotate a JPEG image? This issue has proved to be a daunting task and has caused many headaches. However, before providing a reliable and long-lasting solution to the problem, let’s jog our minds.

Have you ever thought of incorporating the words directly onto the image? Welcome to the charismatic world that will guide you on how to annotate a JPEG image, transforming it into an informative and captivating masterpiece. Keep scrolling through the article and learn how to annotate images like a pro.


Image annotation is crucial and precedes the sign-off stage in the design proofing process. It entails:

  • Review and Feedback
  • Clarification of design components
  • Iterative collaboration and version control

Similarly, creative professionals find image annotation helpful when submitting their written copies for reviews. This is achieved through using real-time channels like Zoom to send deliverables and the use of an image annotator online tool that streamlines the collaboration process by doing away with the need for unnecessary and complex explanations.

Annotating Photos Software Benefits

There are numerous sections of data annotation, including image annotation and geospatial annotation, video annotation, text annotation, and so on that you need to know. Data annotation has several benefits. However, you need the right software or company offering quality and top-notch services to enjoy these benefits. 

The benefits include:

  • Improved visual content for easier comprehension
  • Frictionless collaboration
  • Real-time feedback saving time
  • Reduced feedback loops for fast project sign-offs.

Image Annotation Application Areas

Several firms, organizations, and industries have adopted image annotation because of its benefits. Annotating a picture reduces the workflow and exhaustion of going back to proofread what you had previously done. Designers have adopted this for a hassle-free proofing process, creative agencies for fast review of visual content, learning institutions for submitting presentations and assignments for review, and remote teams to streamline communication with team members.

However, if you consistently encounter difficulties annotating a photo, it is best to seek help from companies providing image annotation services. Conduct thorough research on the company, look at customer reviews and ensure it is worth hiring.

A Guide on How to Annotate JPG Pictures

How do you annotate your JPEG image? This guide provides six hassle-free steps that will lift the burden of annotating an image off your shoulder. Just hold on because you will be all smiles by the end of the guide.

Step #1 Choose an Annotation Tool

The first step entails selecting the appropriate tool to help you with JPEG image annotation. There are various tools to choose from, including CVAT, 3D Slicer, LabelMe, VGG Image Annotator, and Label Studio, to name a few. Ensure the choice you select suits you and meets your expectations. It should streamline your entire process of annotating photos.

Step #2: Install and Set Up the Annotating Tool 

Download the tool compatible with your device and install it. You can also use an offline version if available. Keenly follow the installation guidelines to ensure you have installed the tool perfectly for effective use. If you are a new member, you must sign up before you log in. 

Step #3 Import the JPEG Picture

Start the tool on your device. Import the JPEG picture you intend to annotate on the workspace. Other tools allow you to drag and drop the image from your files folder. This hallmarks the beginning of the image annotation process.

Step #4 Learn About the Annotation Tool

Conduct intensive research about the tool of annotation. Learn about its features, specs, pros and cons. Navigate within its interface to learn various color selection options, drawing tools, and other necessary features. This will help you annotate a picture with ease.

Step #4 Define Annotation Labels

Determine and decide which type of labels you intend to use for annotating photos. Labels are integral in defining the objects for annotation. For instance, you can annotate parts of your car or a section of your building. Always ensure clarity when defining your annotation categories. This saves you time and ensures there is accuracy in classifying the annotations.

Step #5 Start Annotating

Start Annotating

It is now time to start annotating your JPEG image. Use the appropriate software to mark and label your image. Please scroll through the image and interact with it, adding relevant remarks. The image annotator online tools enable you to type in your feedback by typing in a text box that pops up after clicking on the selected image element. 

Always remember to fine-tune your image, which will be achieved by verifying the accuracy, making necessary improvements, maintaining clarity by avoiding overlapping, and maintaining consistency in labelling. 

Step #6 Save and Close

Once you have completed the annotation process, saving your image in an appropriate and secure folder is integral. Export your picture in either XML or JSON file format for easy access.

Common Techniques Of JPEG Image Annotation

Have you ever heard of  bounding box annotation?. This is a common technique in images and video annotation used in object detection and computer vision, to name a few. This technique of annotating JPEG images involves drawing square or rectangular boxes on specific areas of interest with relevant labels for defining spatial boundaries.

3D cuboid annotation is another common technique used to provide accurate representation, capture important spatial information, and enhance image accuracy by integrating two- and three-dimensional information. You should consult experts to exploit the 3D cuboid annotation technique.

How To Use The Image Annotation Tool Mac

How To Use The Image Annotation Tool Mac

Are you worried about how to annotate photos on Mac? Mac provides a Markup toolbar helpful in Mac image annotation. The toolbar marks up the JPEG file and issues feedback on something you want to remember. If you’re working with a PDF file that contains an image that you want to comment on, you must extract the image and save it as a different PDF file.

The Image markup tool Mac has several features enabling you to remark on a section of the image you have opened. First, you need to select (a section> click Edit>Copy>select the File option), and choose New to make a new file. Keep in mind, that after annotating an image and saving it, it’s impossible to edit, alter, or delete the annotated image. However, if you prefer to alter the annotations or convert the file from image to PDF format, and add annotations to the PDF. With this, you will learn the hacks on how to annotate a pdf on mac.

How To Annotate an Image in Word

How To Annotate an Image in Word

Microsoft’s ability to comment on features and track changes makes it an excellent tool for editing and revising documents. However, in case your document has photos or other images, commenting on those elements may be a daunting task. 

Assuming you are dealing with complex images, you should highlight some key sections and leave comments. This will only be possible through annotating a picture. Annotating a picture in Word is simple; master every step.

  1. Insert a picture in a Word document
  2. Open a Microsoft Word document
  3. Using the Insert tab, select the Pictures option
  4. Wait for the Insert Picture dialogue box to open before you start tracing the folder containing your image.
  5. Select the photo and insert

Here is the annotation process

  1. Select the image and then right-click on it
  2. Choose Draw and Annotate
  3. Navigate on the Text Box and click on the section to comment
  4. Type your comment
  5. Save and close


Q1. Can you annotate a JPEG?

This is possible using image annotation tools available online. 

Q2. How do I annotate a JPEG in Word?

To annotate a JPEG in Word, insert the image on the Word document, select, right-click, click on the text box and on the section to comment, type the comment, save and close.

Q3. How do I annotate JPEG in Windows

Windows provides tools like Sketch and Windows Snip for image annotation. Identify the image to annotate, right click and open with Snip & Sketch. The image will feature on the tool. Annotate it, save it, and close it.

Q4. Can you add alt text to a JPG?

Yes. You can achieve this by use of software tools like Microsoft Word that have features to support this functionality.

Q5. How can I edit the text in a JPEG online for free?

To edit a JPEG online for free, use the Kapwing online application, which is free, user-friendly, and fast. The tool has overlays, logos, watermarks, animations, shapes, and text features.

Q6. How do I edit the text in a scanned JPEG?

How do you annotate a scanned JPEG? Editing text in a scanned JPEG is impossible because the file lacks editable text. However, you can copy or smudge new text into the existing one to delete its contents.

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